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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Impressoras...printers para software livre/FLOSS

Não gosto de impressoras de jacto de tinta, por isso até adquirir a minha laser, procurei bastante até encontrar a minha actual impressora, uma OKI B4100, apesar da OKI infelizmente não o indicar nas suas páginas, esta impressora é muito bem suportada em GNU/Linux, através do driver da HP1100.

Com um bocadito mais de euritos, vai-se para uma Kyocera, muito bem suportada.

Suggested Printers for Free Software Users

Here are a few printers which we have singled out as being well suited for use with free software (ie GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, etc), as well as being good products in general. The recommendations do not necessarily mean that these printers will be automatically recognized and configured by your distribution, merely that the printer can be made to work well with Free Software.

Before picking a printer from this list, first:

* Understand your printing needs and your budget. If you will print mostly text, a laser will give much better quality and cost per page. If you need low volume color, laboratory-like photos, or large paper formats, you'll want an inkjet. Mostly text and some color is best served by having both a laser and an inkjet. If you want high volume color, a colour laser may be the best choice. If you are short on real estate for your printer, scanner, copier, and fax machine, you should consider a multi-function device.
* Read the HOWTO's How to buy a printer section, which provides a quick list of printer selection criteria.
* Understand what you are buying. Read the printer's information here in the database, and on the vendor's website, before you buy.
* Check printer manufactures' support for Linux and free software.