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Sunday, September 23, 2007

UbuntuLite a versão de ubuntu que eu esperava....

há já algum tempo que esperava algo como o Ubuntulite, preferia um Debian GNU/Linux bem "lite" de preferência cheio de ferramentas do BackTrack, mas ainda não foi desta, tenho de ver se consigo fazer uma iso para a pen com essas tools :)

"LXer: Linux News
Remember Ubuntu Lite? The lighter-than-Xubuntu, more-graphical-than-Fluxbuntu variant of Ubuntu seemed about to get off the ground last year. Then it disappeared. In that time, Fluxbuntu has floundered, too. And while Xubuntu has never looked better and generally runs pretty well, I'd like to see Ubuntu play in the space occupied by Puppy, Damn Small Linux, DeLi and AntiX."

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