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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

A hipocrisia dos politicos e a religião

Ainda sobre os Bush, este interessante artigo:

He’d rather talk about sex than God - Times Online
He’d rather talk about sex than God
George Bush built his career on his faith. But his key religious adviser tells of a different man behind the born-again image
U.S. President George W. Bush
Jacob Weisberg

One of the defining aspects of George W Bush’s presidency is his professed belief in God. Yet what really are his religious beliefs? The question, which seems central to understanding his presidency, never receives a satisfactory answer. Indeed, one religious figure close to him soon after his conversion was shocked to find that he talked about sex rather than theology and says that a lot of his faith seemed to be politically calculated.

He’d rather talk about sex than God - Times Online
Wead said Bush resisted religious overtures as firmly as sexual ones. “He has absolutely zero interest in anything theological – nothing,” Wead said. “We spent hours talking about sex . . . who on the campaign was doing what to whom – but nothing about God. And I tried many, many times.”

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