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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Assalto Planetário - A face oculta da micro$oft

há uns 4 anos vi este livro na web, li algumas partes, passados alguns meses acabei por o ver numa feira do livro,em português, é um excelente documento para se perceber como a micro$oft funciona, o que fez para chegar à posição em que se encontra de monopólio.
aconcelho vivamente a sua leitura, está online em PDF e HTML, em inglês.

"Hijacking the World
The dark side of Microsoft.
Roberto Di Cosmo and Dominique Nora (French version published by Calmann-Levy 1998, ISBN 2-7021-2923-4)"

"People in Europe tend to be a bit shy about saying these things. Microsoft is criticized
because people here are afraid of American cultural imperialism, or because they're afraid
of globalization, and Bill Gates is an emblem for this, or simply because they're scared to
death by technology..."

"My reasons for criticizing Microsoft are much more basic, and, I think, less subjective than
that. I have a deep love for technology, and it is exactly for this reason that I cannot
accept seeing it corrupted by a company that designs bad products, which are sold too
expensively to consumers who are subjugated by them, a company that –we will see how
later– has contempt for its customers, does not play fairly with its competitors, and
stifles innovation. Like many others, I cherish a dream of technological progress leading
to a better world, a world that is freer and has more solidarity. But I can ensure you that
such a world looks nothing like the world that Bill Gates dreams of."

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