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Sunday, March 02, 2008

145 Sistemas Operativos numa máquina

Este moço, com muito pouco para fazer, presumo, e com uma grande paciência, resolveu instalar 145 OS's num PC, desde DOS, m$-window$ a GNU/Linux, Solaris e BSD's.

Incluindo 2 distros Portuguesas, caixa.mágica e paipix.

Really a GEEK!!! :)

How to install and boot 145 operating systems in a PC - JustLinux Forums
How to install and boot 145 operating systems in a PC

Author's notes - This thread has picked up some interest from the Internet by readers who commented the title without reading its content. For this reason I summarize the information briefly as follow:-

(1) A simple howto procedure, which is applicable from 1 to 300+ systems, is described. (Let me know if there is anything simpler or easier)

(2) One standard Linux boot loader controls all the systems. (indirectly becasue every system has its own original boot loader preserved)

(3) The controlling boot loader is not attached to any operating system (This is my own choice. Grub can be attached to any OS, even in ntfs partition as work around available).

(4) 3 Dos, 5 Windows, 137 Linux (more Linux since added plus one Solaris and 2 BSD) using 3 Pata and 2 Sata hard disks) (The number is limited by the availability of partitions/hard disks)

(5) Every system is booted identically and universally by the same 3 lines of commands. No need to worry what OS it is. (using the exactly the method every Linux boots a Windows but on all other systems)

(6) The 145-system booting menu can be created ahead of the installation of the systems. (I believe this has not been tried before)

(7) A nested Grub menu system is showed (Showned in Post #32 to #34. This probably has not been tried before)

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