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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Jogos de m$-window$ em GNU/Linux

Já todos ouvimos falar ou usámos o WINE, mas este script facilita as coisas....PlayOnLinux!

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Linux.com :: Play Windows games on Linux with PlayOnLinux
At the core of PlayOnLinux is Wine, a compatibility layer that lets you run many Windows programs over Linux. But Wine isn't always easy to use. It's a command-line program, and using it for tasks like tweaking the Windows environment or individual programs remains a complex task that you can accomplish only via command-line options. This is where PlayOnLinux comes into play. PlayOnLinux provides a front end for most Wine options to help you install, manage, and uninstall Windows-based games and applications.

Linux.com :: Play Windows games on Linux with PlayOnLinux
Using PlayOnLinux you can install full games, expansion packs, and patches. Since PlayOnLinux uses Wine, it'll run everything that runs with Wine, which includes several productivity, office, and graphics apps as well. PlayOnLinux installs each program within its own individual environment, called a wineprefix, similar to CrossOver's bottles implementation. To uninstall a program, just select it from the list of installed applications, and from under the File menu choose the Remove option.

[Click to enlarge] Click to enlarge But PlayOnLinux is much more than a front end. The program also includes bash scripts that will create the correct environment for a particular game and guide you through its installation. In addition to the 10 official scripts, you can enable a community repository from within PlayOnLinux, which will add another 50+ scripts. From the two repositories you can install games such as Call of Duty 2, Max Payne 2, Soldier of Fortune, and World of Warcraft

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