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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Suspend e Hibernation no Ubuntu

Como infelizmente por motivos mais "políticos", ou melhor, por motivos de ALDRABICE, como é patente no mail abaixo, o software livre tem alguns problemas com este tipo de tecnologia, ACPI e afins.

Estas dicas ajudam a resolver no Ubuntu alguns desses problemas:

Fix for suspend and hibernation problem for Laptops

Digg - Newly-leaked Antitrust Memo: Bill Gates on Making ACPI Not Work with Linux
Newly-leaked Antitrust Memo: Bill Gates on Making ACPI Not Work with Linux

antitrust.slated.org — Bill Gates: "Maybe we can define the APIs so that they work weel with NT and not the others even if they are open. Or maybe we could patent something related to this." [PDF Warning]

LessWatts.org - Saving Power on Intel systems with Linux


The goal of this project is to enable Linux to take advantage of platforms that support ACPI (Advanced Configuration & Power Interface).

ACPI has been supported on virtually all high-volume i386, x86_64, and ia64 systems, since 1999.

ACPI is an abstraction layer between the OS andplatform firmware and hardware.

This abstraction allows the OS and the platform to evolve independently.
Not only should a new OS be able to handle old hardware, but an old OS should be able to handle new hardware.

The latest ACPI specification is published on the ACPI home page:


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