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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Algumas boas notícias para animar a malta :)

Deve ser por notícias destas cada vez a aparecerem mais e um pouco por todo o mundo que a micro$oft cada vez tem mais medo do futuro e cada vez usa mais meios muito pouco ortodoxos para chegar aos seus objectivos, CT173 rings a bell!!!

The New Zealand Ministry of Justice believes that open source software is a more stable, supportable and cost-effective choice compared to proprietary solutions.

Netherlands supports open standards and open source

Yesterday, the Tweede Kamer (Second Chamber) of the Dutch parliament adopted a plan to switch the country's public sector over to open standards. At the same time, authorities will be called upon to use open source software wherever possible. The 26-page paper from the Dutch Economics Ministry obligates governmental services to provide reasons why they need to continue to use proprietary solutions, such as operating systems or office suites from Microsoft, starting next April; next December, this duty will be imposed upon all public authorities. At the same time, authorities are required to come up with a strategy that includes a timeline for migration to open standards and free software.

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