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Friday, December 21, 2007

ODF e PDF boas notícias

Mais um país que indica a sua preferência por formatos abertos e standard, desta vez a muito RICA Noruega...

O formato PDF também já é ISO, e nesta página encontram-se ferramentas para tudo e mais alguma coisa para usar-mos os PDF's, desde a edição/criação e visionamento! quem é que ainda usa o pesado acrobat viewer?

A Free Software Foundation até lançou projecto, o gnupdf.

"The goal of the GNU PDF project is to develop and provide a free,
high-quality, complete and portable set of libraries and programs to
manage the PDF file format, and associated technologies."

"There are three formats that have been mandated for all documentation between authorities and users/partners, namely:

* HTML for all public information on the Web.

* PDF for all documents where layout needs to be preserved.

* ODF for all documents that the recipient is supposed to be able to edit

Goverment, state and regional agencies, authorities and services may also publish in other formats, but they must always publish in one of these formats. The decree is retroactive, and by 2014 all documents published prior to this decree must have been converted and made available in one of the three formats."

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