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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

CNN breaking news.... A poupança com GNU/Linux

A CNN tem no seu site uma noticia bastante interessante.

Segundo um estudo do governo do Reino Unido, "Office of Government Commerce: Open Source Software Trials in Government - Final Report", o uso de GNU/Linux pode gerar menos 50% de lixo informático, uma vez que a substituição de máquinas que o correm leva cerca de 6 a 8 anos, enquanto que com a utilização de m$-window$ a substituição acontece em metade do tempo.

(CNN) -- True or False: Switching from a Windows-operated computer to a Linux-operated one could slash computer-generated e-waste levels by 50%.

The answer is: TRUE

(...) "There are also potential Green Agenda benefits, through reducing the energy and resources consumed in manufacturing replacement equipment, and reducing landfill requirements and costs arising from disposal of redundant equipment.

"Industry observers quote a typical hardware refresh period for Microsoft Windows systems as 3-4 years; a major UK manufacturing organisation quotes its hardware refresh period for Linux systems as 6-8 years."

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