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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Dicas para atalhos do Firefox

já conhecia uns quantos atalhos para simplificar a vida no Firefox, mas
hoje e sem querer descobri que carregando no CTRL+"mover roda do rato"
aumenta ou diminui o tamanho da fonte, very cool.........

já agora cá fica uma listinha de atalhos....


Add Bookmarks Ctrl + D
Bookmarks Ctrl + B
DOM Inspector Ctrl + Shift + I
Downloads Ctrl + J
Full Screen View F11
Help F1
History Ctrl + H
Page Source Ctrl + U
Print Ctrl + P
Refresh Page F5
Refresh Page & Cache Ctrl + F5
Save Page As Ctrl + S


Back Alt + Left Arrow
Down One Line Down
Down One Page PageDown
File Open Ctrl + O
Forward Alt + Right Arrow
Frame Next F6
Frame Previous Shift + F6
Home Page Alt + Home
Jump to Address Bar Ctrl + L
Jump to Search Bar Ctrl + K
Page Bottom End
Page Top Home
Stop Esc
Tab Close Ctrl + W
Tab New Ctrl + T
Tab Next Ctrl + Tab
Tab Previous Ctrl + Shift + Tab
Up One Line Up
Up One Page PageUp
Window Close Ctrl + Shift + W
Window New Ctrl + N


Back Shift + Scroll Down
Forward Shift + Scroll Up
Open Link in Background Tab Ctrl + Left Click
Open Link in Foreground Tab Ctrl + Shift + Left Click
Open Link in New Window Shift + Left Click
Scroll Line by Line Alt + Scroll
Tab Close Middle Click on Tab
Tab New Double Click on Tab Bar
Text Size Decrease Ctrl + Scroll UP
Text Size Increase Ctrl + Scroll Down

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